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"....There is, however, some evidence that women’s suicide rates in China are falling - and fast. In the past, married rural women were often isolated to their husband’s family circle and often had little space to vent frustration. Today, around 50 per cent of labour migrant workers in China’s cities are women; and even in the countryside, they are more socially and professionally active. "

#2 is limited study:
“My statistics are collected from emergency rooms of five county-level hospitals. This does not count as an epidemiological study, so it is hard to say precisely whether the number of suicide cases has increased or decreased,” Su says. “But in our interviews with medical staff of these hospitals, all almost unanimously believe the number has decreased over the previous three years.”
"...Su attributes the decline in part to improving social and economic conditions for women thanks to China’s economic boom. “More and more [women] become migrant workers or make money on their own,” says Su, noting that even women in economically dependent homemaking roles are becoming less confined as a result of changing social structures."

#3 see "however" post



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